Lock Rekey – Changing the Key without Changing the Hardware

In this article, we are going to tell you how to get the key changed without changing the hardware. We are offering a locksmith in Oakland, a locksmith in San Leandro, or a locksmith in Hayward. Our expert services are here to rekey any kind of lock you have.

Why You Need A Locksmith!

People do not consider the significance of their locks until the day they don’t work. These locks are here to protect us from damage and risk of theft. The locks on your car keep somebody from stealing it, breaking in, and taking your car. Your home locks secure every one of your belongings and your family from robbers. Keys can break, locks can break, and to bring back the safety you feel when the locks are working properly you have to hire our expert locksmiths. Our locksmith reaches your destination after an appointment or call. Above all, our services are certified. 

Rekey for New Home!

First of all, if you just moved into your home you need to consider changing the locks right away. Secondly, only an expert locksmith can do the job. We employ the best and most locksmith in Oakland, a locksmith in San Leandro, and a locksmith in Hayward

You need to consider all the possibilities when you buy a new place. Whether it is an apartment or a condo you need to change the main door locks immediately. Your previous homeowner and your property dealer might have the keys to your home. The best alternative to avoid such risky situations is getting a new key. We can do the lock rekey for your home on the spot without changing the actual hardware.

A Lock Changing Solution

We can come in and rekey every one of your locks so every lock works with one key. Our services are acknowledged as the best in the locksmiths’ industry. Services we offer are ideal for landowners who are also inhabitants and need different locks rekeyed for new inhabitants. Our emergency services are available when you have lost your keys, locked yourself out, or have experienced a robbery. Regardless of the issue, we are here to assist you with having a feeling of security again.

Emergency Services 

We are a certified locksmith service with years of experience and most seasoned professionals. You can call us in case of emergency situations. Our professional will be at your location in no time at all and rekey your locks right away. You get fast response here. We work on a first come first serve basis.

Repair Old Keys and Locks

Your home locks can wear out and your keys can get broken. We are here for making a new set of keys on the spot or repair your door locks. We repair all kinds of door locks including, old, fancy, and high-security locks.


In conclusion, we have the most well-known and expert locksmith service in Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward. What makes us best is our commitment to quality services and making you feel safe again. We have the tools and special equipment needed to handle the rekey of any kind of locks.