Safe Vault Services

Are you looking for a Safe Locksmith? If you’ve forgotten your safe combination and are locked out of your safe, you need to call All American Lock and Key. Safe cracking is surely one of the most intricate tasks our locksmith can perform, and you need only professionals like us. The level of intricacy and the procedure applied will rely solely upon the sort of lock in the safe. While safe cracking may appear to be an easy task, after all, the master burglars of the movies have told us the best way to make it happen; the reality of the situation is different. It requires special training in each and all of the delicate aspects of safe cracking, which means you need an expert safe cracking locksmith.

Safe Vault Services

Safe Troubleshooting

In the event that you do not know what kind of safe you are dealing with, call us. Simply let us know that “my safe won’t open.” Our professional locksmith for safe can diagnose the issue and make sure that you are not locked out of your safe a second longer than needed.

Why You Need to Hire All American Lock and Key

While searching for a company to open your safe, it tends to be challenging to figure out which ones are qualified (and will offer professional help) and which will simply wind up destroying your safe. If you need an expert safecracking locksmith, you need to call All American Lock and Key.

Sometimes, a locked safe can be opened without penetrating; in any case, a hands-on diagnosis is needed to decide if this is conceivable. There are situations that require the safe to be drilled. Penetrating done by a qualified technician doesn’t destroy the safe, and after a repair, it becomes as good as new.

In addition to the highly trained team and experience required, we also bring Borescopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High-Speed Drills, and Specialized Keylock Picks.

We Crack Safes Without Damage

Unlocking a safe is considerably more complicated for untrained locksmiths. This is not the case for us. Our safe locksmiths are masters of bypassing the intricate locking mechanisms of each and every kind of safe and can rapidly crack your safe without damaging or harming your valuables.

Are you looking for a safecracking task performed rapidly and affordably? You need to contact All American Lock and Key. All American Lock and Key are here to offer safe unlocking and safe recording without damaging the safe. We make sure our staff provides you with code recovery for your safe without damaging your safe.

Safe Re Coding and Code Recovery by All American Lock and Key

So, it’s been some time since you opened your safe. So long, in fact, that you have no idea what the code for it is. You do not need to panic if you have forgotten the code to your safe. We are here to help in this case. All American Lock and Key can open your safe after recoding it. We can also change the existing code or set a completely new code for your safety.

Contingent upon the kind of safe you have will impact exactly the number of choices there to open your safe. One reason you want to call a professional locksmith to assist with getting into your safe is to keep the safe protected from damages. Not all safes are manufactured the same, and it is advised to contact a qualified locksmith to figure out what all of your choices are for attempting to access your safe.

Key Override or Reset Password

A few safes have a key override system. The key can be utilized instead of the code, and this offers you a fast and straightforward way to get back into your safe. You would have gotten this key when you purchased your safe. Ideally, you have kept it someplace safe, out of the safe.

On the off chance that you have also misplaced the way into your safe, a professional locksmith will actually have to create another key and override the lock of your safe. Contact us, assuming you have lost your override code.

When Do You Need All American Lock and Key for Your Safe Unlocking?

Safes have been manufactured and used for hundreds of years now. They’re used daily for a variety of reasons by individuals around the world. Safes are helpful and easy to utilize, so it is easy to understand the reason why individuals purchase and use them. It is important for most people to have security in their lives, especially with certain valued things. There are times basic safety efforts may be viewed as satisfactory to keep personal things secure. In any case, safes prove to be useful when there is a need to keep something secure above the rest.

With all the up-sides that accompany involving a safe for an added security measure, forgetting a safe combination is a common issue. A safe may be locked due to many reasons and will not open. At the point when a safe won’t open, it will be necessary to call in the services of our locksmith for safes to tackle the issue.

You need

1. Safe Combination Forgot or Lost Keys

Anyone can lose a key to its car or maybe safe. Being kept out of your safe because you forgot the combination is a serious issue. Fortunately, locksmiths at All American Lock and Key have been trained to help when there is a safe lockout. In any case, when there is a home lockout, it is substantially less complicated when there is a safe lockout.

Safes are intended to safeguard valuables, so it just makes sense that it is not possible for anyone to crack in. Every safe has backup measures typically in place to safeguard the items in the safe on occasion somebody attempts to unlock them. This is when locksmiths become possibly the most important factor because they have been trained on the best way to bypass the security measures and gain access. They cause all of this without harm to the safety or to the items in the safe.

The items in the safe may contain precious valuables or important data. This fills in as a crucial wake-up call that you shouldn’t attempt to access the safe yourself by utilizing a DIY ‘stunt’ because of the potential of harming the items inside the safe. Our expert locksmiths exist for a reason and have been appropriately trained to protect your things. Again, don’t attempt to break open the safe yourself.

In some cases, there is a situation where not having the option to access the safe happens without your fault. This frequently happens when a safe is acquired, and no key or combination was found. Obviously, the locksmith should confirm the safe is really yours before unlocking it; however, the assistance of the locksmith will guarantee it is opened and without any damage.

2. The Wiring Has Internal Damage

Traditional safes are opened with a key or combination. In any case, electronic safes are made with internal wiring, and this has the potential to become damaged if used for many years. The damage can happen within the wires that carry messages from your keypad to your locking bolts. At the point when this happens, the signal isn’t being sent or carried through, which will make it difficult to operate your safe. Fortunately, locksmiths at All American Lock and Key are trained to open electronic safes, along with traditional ones.

Before calling in our locksmith, in the event that you notice your keypad isn’t working, you can attempt a little investigating yourself. At the point when bolts won’t turn, it doesn’t automatically mean the wiring is damaged or worn. Maybe the keypad becoming separated or the batteries (the safe’s power source) being drained. You can attempt to change the batteries, and your safe will work just fine.

3. Changing Combination Numbers

While working with combination safes, particularly ones that are a lot older, there is plausible that the relating combination has shifted even in the extremely smallest way. Although very rare, it works out, especially when safes have also not been as properly maintained. If you cannot access your safe, you need to call All American Lock and Key right away.

4. Jammed Safe Bolts

The user of the safe isn’t always to blame for why a safe won’t open. Often the right key or combination code is being utilized. However, your safe won’t open. In such cases, the safe bolts may be to blame because something isn’t right with them, or they are jammed. Locksmiths for safes are much of the time utilized for this issue.

To decide whether you potentially have jammed safe bolts and need to call our locksmith for safes, take a stab at turning the locking mechanism. On the off chance that it won’t completely rotate for the safe ways to open, this may be your sign the bolts are jammed or not working as expected. Bolts jam on safes for a number of reasons. The first is in the event that the bolts are misaligned, or the proper maintenance has not been performed on the safe over the long run. Assuming that unnecessary force is applied to the safe, the bolts may also misalign. If such a case you need to call our locksmith for safes. Our trained professional can unjam the bolts and open your safe. This is the point you need to call All American Lock and Key, as we are trained in opening all kinds of old and new safes.

5. The Locking Mechanism Is Damaged

Let’s suppose a burglar gets ahold of your safe, yet fortunately is ineffective with opening the safe; the damage actually may have been done. Chances are, the safe was beaten with force and kicked. With this kind of force and abuse, the locking mechanism is likely damaged. Although you will, in any case, have to call in our locksmith for safes, be glad your safe was able to face that kind of treatment and still didn’t allow an unauthorized entry.

With this kind of circumstance where the locking mechanism has been damaged, you, in all likelihood, cannot access the safe, regardless of whether you have the right combination code. You can attempt it on different occasions; however, it won’t change anything because the damage has been done, and our locksmith for safes should be called in for repair. We can repair your safe and make it as new as it was when you got it.

6. Forgetting to Service the Safe

Maintenance of the safe is one of the most important factors for keeping a safe functioning without a problem. We cannot pressure enough on this. It is critical to maintaining your safety since they contain mechanical parts. Be that as it may, many safe proprietors disregard having their safe serviced, and it is normal for locksmiths to be called when safes are not working as expected. Lacking safe maintenance also increases the risk for a safe lockout, and it increases the requirement for our locksmith for safes.

We recommend you start a routine of servicing your safe on a regular basis. Several of the potential issues we’ve examined here could be totally avoided assuming that you perform regular maintenance on your safe. It will give you easy access to your safe frequently. You need to lubricate the parts of your safe to guarantee your safe is working efficiently.

7. Time Delay and Lockout Mode Engaged

Every safe has some precautionary measures. Lockout mode in safes is used as a safety feature that engages automatically in the event that some unacceptable combination is placed too often. Assuming this happens, lockout mode or time delay engages, and you cannot access your safe. Since all safes are unique, the limit of this lockout can be different for each safe. Some safes go into lockout mode after one failed attempt, whereas other safes may surrender you to 5 attempts.

On most electronic safes, you find a standard lockout feature, yet there are contrasts between kinds of safes. In comparison, this is basically the same as the way electronic locks vary on doors from traditional locks. A few safes will significantly offer a period delay feature on the safe. This feature is set up so a safe can be opened at certain times or just a certain number of times. At times, however, these safety efforts hold you back from accessing your safe, and our locksmith for safes should be called to gain access.

Call All American Lock and Key: The Best Safe Locksmith in Oakland

We know nobody plans on being locked out of their safe, yet we as a whole realize that things happen, and not usually at the most helpful times. In case your safe is not opening, you need to call All American Lock and Key. We can not only open your safe, but we can also repair it and provide you with needed maintenance. We offer our services in Alameda, Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, Fremont, and all the cities in Alameda county.

We open safes, recode the safe, provide safe unblocking without damaging your safe, and set up new codes for your safety. We offer our safe locksmith services for all makes and models, which include:

  • American Security AMSEC
  • Browning
  • Rhino Metals
  • Liberty Safe
  • Vault Pro
  • Vaultek
  • Fort Knox
  • Tactical Walls
  • Tracker Safe
  • Cannon Safe
  • Gardall Safes
  • S&G – Sargent and Greenleaf Safe
  • Mosler Safe
  • Fireking Safe
  • Herring Safe
  • Safeguard Safe
  • Sentry
  • Bolt Safe
  • ATM

The list does not stop here. We offer our services for all kinds of electronic and traditional safes. To tell our locksmith what kind of safe you need to unlock, first, you have to understand the types of safes.

Types of Safes

There are four basic kinds of safes for the home: Fire Safes, Burglary Safes, Gun Safes, and Jewelry Safes.

1.      Fire Resistant Safes

There are four basic kinds of safes for the home: Fire Safes, Burglary Safes, Gun Safes, and Jewelry Safes.

1.      Fire Resistant Safes

To safeguard important documents at home, similar to a will, automobile titles, and so on, that are vital to you but would be of little use to a burglar since you can use basic fire safety. These can usually be gotten up from local Walmart and so on.

They are not extremely secure, yet they are heatproof and could safeguard your valuable papers in case of a house fire. Their fire ratings are not that great and are time restricted to one hour or less. However, these safes are really great for those on a serious budget.

One clue is to “not lock” it. It must be strange for you, but there is a reason for doing as such. They are usually not attached to anything and therefore can be easily taken from the home and opened somewhere else. In the event that you don’t lock the safe, the burglar will open it and don’t see anything of value to him, and ideally, leave the safe behind. These safes give extremely limited fire security. For better security, you need a Burglar Fire Safe.

A burglary safe is safer than a simple fire safe. Such safes are heavier. Everybody knows heavy almost always equates to “safer.” Steel is heavy, and well-constructed safes are made of steel. The three main burglary-type home safes are the stand-alone safe, wall safe, and floor safe. The vast majority of these safes are flame resistant, not simply heatproof. It’s always a great practice to check the fire rating before purchasing.

2.      Standalone Home Safe

Standalone Home Safe is heavy and usually made of steel. It tends to be flame resistant and can be fitted with a wide array of locking gadgets, from key locks to combination locks and even all sorts of modern electronic locks. Such safes can be mounted to the floor or another surface; however, they generally are simply detached. The weight of this kind of safe makes it impossible to move the safe from the premises. Simply make sure you have space to completely open the door. Also, remember that you may want to move it sooner or later.

3.      Wall Safes

This is an exceptionally popular way to conceal important files and other valuables in the home. Individuals utilize this sort of safe to conceal their valuables unnoticeably out of site. The wall safe is more advantageous than the floor safe because it is associated with the studs in the wall. For considerably greater security, it very well may be cemented into place.

4.      Floor Safes

This type can actually be embedded into a large floor. This makes them exceptionally insusceptible to removal. The main drawback to implanting it in the floor is that it can, after some time, get damaged due tor to rust because of the way things are installed. You can ask us about this and about what preventative measures can be taken to lessen the probability of rust damage.

5.      Weapon Safes

These come in various sizes, the strength of safety, resistance to fire, and cost ranges. A firearm safe is most frequently necessary to keep your weapons out of the hands of children. In the event that that is your main concern, you really want not to concern yourself with resistance to fire or the utilization of intensely secure locking mechanisms.

6.      Jewelry Safes

The local jewelry dealer used to be the most well-known client of jewelry safe. Well, today, affluent residents in all nations have gone to jewelry safes to safeguard their valuables, jewelry, and other valuables. They are fairly costly; be that as it may, assuming that you have fine jewelry, the cost can be fair.

Most jewelry safes are beautiful in themselves. The insides of these units are delicate and easy on the jewelry as well as on the eyes as well. Many have beautiful wood and velvet insides. Yet, don’t allow the internal parts to trick you. They are made of heavy steel.

If you have any of the above-listed safes and you need our locksmith for them, call All American Lock and Key. 

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