Are you looking for a locksmith in San Leandro? Do you need an auto locksmith in San Leandro? Are you finding a commercial locksmith in San Leandro? Or, you have lost your car keys, and you need an expert locksmith in San Leandro? Well answer to all these questions is here.

All American Lock and Key are here with the best locksmith services in San Leandro. You can get your key made on location when you contact us. Our expert locksmiths are trained in offering you rekey services for your home, office, or even cars. All American Lock and Key is your one-stop home for a wide range of lock and key issues, and we are always happy to offer the ideal custom-fitted answer for your lockout situations.


All American Lock and Key is a locksmith organization in San Leandro that has been in the business for a long time now and has every one of the licensed and top-rated businesses in the industry. We are focused on tackling locksmith-related issues in San Leandro, CA, and its surrounding areas. Our services are focused on offering the best locksmith services to our clients in San Leandro and the entirety of America.

We have likewise refined our range of abilities, assembled an abundance of industry experience, created and wonderful client relations, and shaped an established brand under the name of All American Lock and Key. LOCKSMITH SERVICES IN SAN LEANDRO

At All American Lock and Key we focus on productivity, trust, and premium performance for all kinds of residential locksmith services in San Leandro, Commercial Locksmith Services in San Leandro, and Auto Locksmith services in San Leandro. We offer a collection of safety lock answers for customers on account of the flexibility of our range of abilities and apparatus that can fix a wide range of lock or key-related issues. It does not make any difference assuming what you need is a basic rekey, or you want more intricate lock system repairs. We are always ready for the undertaking.


Locks have consistently been one of the things that take care of the most valuable items and man itself. Throughout the long term, people have exhibited full trust in basic lock systems to assist with securing them and their significant properties. Mostly, these locks do not disappoint, as they are effective in their obligation of giving security. Truly, however, they can turn into a bit too outrageous in carrying out this obligation occasionally, to such an extent that they can wind up locking even you in or out of your car, office, or home. Truly, this can be a baffling encounter. The uplifting news is that we are here to assist you with tackling issues and get you out of the situation as quickly as possible.

We take pride in our team of experts and pool of happy customers. Our years of experience and highly trained staff are always ready to provide the best in-kind commercial locksmith services in San Leandro, residential locksmith services in San Leandro, and auto locksmith services in San Leandro. Below is the list of locksmith services we offer.

We offer the following services:

Commercial Locksmith in San Leandro

We give security answers for schools, clinics, hotels, and numerous other commercial organizations, whether they are big or small. Our locksmith services in San Leandro additionally offer repair of all kinds of commercial locks. You can get rekey or get a master key for your entire building. Our organization handles repairs and security answers for organizations, institutional structures, and places of business, townhouses, lodgings, and cafés of all sizes with the appropriate lock system. Let our accomplished experts help you with your commercial or modern property. Our quick, agreeable, and versatile assistance can be there before you know it.

If you have a commercial building, then you must get a master key system for your entire building. In case you already have one, we can solve any issue you have. We can also install or repair your commercial building locks and keys. All American Lock and Key are here with the best in-town commercial locksmith services in San Leandro.

Emergency Locksmith in San Leandro

Regardless of whether you are in your office or at home, you can get our 24 hours emergency locksmith services in San Leandro. Be it a home lockout situation, a key stuck in the storage compartment of your car, or a messed up door, or a security lock at your automated door. Our locksmith in the San Leandro service is here to handle all of these for you. Our emergency locksmith services have intensely trained and equipped experts who will react with modern gear. They are always ready to do repairs or rekey your doors for your home or office.

If you have locked yourself out of your home, then it is an emergency, and you need All American Lock and Key. This situation can happen to anyone, and there is nothing to be getting embarrassed about. All you need to do is give us a call, and we all send the help your way as soon as we can. We have perfect solutions for all kinds of door and auto locks. We can also make a duplicate key on the location. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know the situation you are in. We offer our services in San Leandro and nearby areas.

Residential Locksmith in San Leandro

Our residential locksmith service in San Leandro is here to offer you home security. We have the best tools and locks systems to provide you the ultimate security you need. At All American Lock and Key we also take care of all kinds of fixes your locks needs. We can help you change the locks to guarantee your home stays secure. Our dynamic residential locksmith in San Leandro service is always ready to keep you safe. Our locksmiths can introduce high-security locks or keypad locks for your home. These locks offer the most advanced level of security for you and your family.

Your home needs utmost security, and we are to provide just that. We can remake any key you have for your doors, or we can repair your broken locks and keys as well. We are also experts in making master keys for your home and residential building. If you are an investor and you need a master key for your entire building, then you are at the right place. We can make the perfect master key system for your entire residential building.

Automotive Locksmith in San Leandro

Our Locksmith services in San Leandro are always with the most advanced tools and procedures. We highly value customer support, quick reaction time, and our capacity to give you quick help at a reasonable cost. At the point when you need an automotive locksmith in San Leandro, call our best in town locksmith services and get the quick help you need. We will ask you for the model and make it before we dispatch our unit to help you out.

We work for all kinds of cars and models. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know your location and the problem you have. We will make sure we send the best team to solve the problem as soon as possible. We also make keys on the spot, which means you can get your car keys instantly. In case your keys are stuck, or you cannot find your car keys, we can make a duplicate car key for you. We can program all kinds of keys and remotes for each and every car model out there. We have the latest tools and technology to program the keys for your cars.


Many people see locks as a fundamental thing for the confirmation of their security and the security of their esteemed belongings. Definitely, a thing as essential as a lock has the right to be carefully cared for. You need the best lock for your home, office, or anywhere which is valuable. This means you need to be careful about the experts you welcome to assist you with taking care of your lock issues when the need emerges.

Tragically, there are numerous locksmiths around today, to such an extent that it becomes hard to identify the experts. Even more, unfortunately, most of the locksmiths in the market today are not what they guarantee to be. While some of them do not have the capabilities nor the skill they guarantee to have, numerous others are fraudsters who might camouflage as locksmiths to pick people’s locks and take their properties.

Fortunately for you, we are an authorized locksmith service in San Leandro. Over the years, we have earned the trust and respect of our happy clients. In addition, we have gained notoriety for being the best locksmith organization in San Leandro, devoted to giving you the most phenomenal locksmith services you can get from anywhere.

Our Belief

We at All American Lock and Key agree that the client is always right and that everyone needs top-notch security and safety. This is the reason we are committed to continually offering premium quality locksmith services in San Leandro, CA. Our belief is offering a complete solution for all kinds of locks and keys issues. Whether you need a rekey or you need an auto locksmith, we are here. If you need a commercial or residential locksmith, we can definitely help you. We have advance and sophisticated procedures to offer you customized solutions for every situation.

Likewise, we have assembled a group of profoundly gifted experts who are the best at what they do. These experts are always ready to help you in case of need.

Our Goal

Our main goal at All American Lock and Key is to convey premium security and the confirmation of security to everybody in San Leandro by offering them the best locksmith services. We are authorized and listened to the organization in San Leandro, offering quick and expert locksmith services. Our Locksmiths are highly trained and expert professionals with years of experience. These experts are always ready to help you. We strive to be the best in the industry by offering the best in-kind services. These services are based on the experience of years and highly trained staff.

Our Team of Professionals

One of the numerous characteristics that stand us out as the best locksmith service in San Leandro is the team we have. Our best team of locksmiths can solve any situation for any kind of lock or key. These amazing individuals are not simply experts; they have likewise accumulated an abundance of experience from the field. Most importantly, they are focused on utilizing their insight, abilities, and mastery to give custom-made answers for your lock issues in the most consistent manner conceivable.


In conclusion, we make sure we are satisfied with the services they acquire from us. Our prime goal is to foster a happy working relationship with our customers and offer them the most reasonable prices for our services. We additionally try to offer our services at very pocket-friendly costs, so our clients can manage the cost easily.

At last, we expect to support our top industry position in San Leandro and everywhere else by holding on to our basic beliefs while consistently looking for upgrades and adjusting to advancements in the business. Moreover, we make sure you get customized solutions for any kind of lock or key issues you have. We dispatch our team to your location, or you can visit us to get rekey services from our best locksmith service in San Leandro.

Definitely, you should know at this point who to call whenever you need to fix your lock. Moreover, All American Lock and Key are always ready to help in case of your need for an auto locksmith in San Leandro, a commercial locksmith in San Leandro, or a residential locksmith in San Leandro.

Contact us right away for the best-in-kind locksmith services in San Leandro and its surroundings.